Sunday, November 16, 2008

Freebies and easy peasy recipe.

That's it for today. I was trying to upload some pictures last night to here and the elf thing I did. They did not want to go through. So I will try them again later on this week. We are resting right now. I am about to get started on supper. We are having roast again with red potatoes and carrots. For something sweet I decided to try my hand banana pudding. This is how I plan to prepare it.



2 boxes of Banana cream instant pudding mix(I have heard of some using plain vanilla pudding)

3-4(or more if you love bananas) bananas

1 box of vanilla wafers (I use more since I love vanilla wafers)

Basically it's just an easy layering process. You prepare the pudding as directed on box. Once done you can start to layer. First layer with wafers, then bananas, and then the pudding. Keep doing so until your dish or bowl is full. Then set in the fridge to put a chill on it. I always love my banana pudding really cold. I also love to eat it when the wafers are still nice and crunchy. Ah, I love banana pudding!!! This is going to be one of those lazy Sunday meals. Where you eat...then sit down and rest. I remember my Mom making us banana pudding on Sundays when we were having something special going on. We usually Sundays was a time that all our family would get together and we always had a house full of people. Both of my parent's side of the family is quite large. Also, just my opinion, she still has the best banana pudding around!

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