Friday, November 21, 2008

A day at the park and what I got in the mail today.

I asked Lilly to smile really big for she did:)

She is thinking about going down. I decided today since it was so cold to let her wear pants and since she was going to be climbing. I did not want her to trip and fall. All the skirts/dresses we have are kind of long since I buy a year ahead.

She talked Nana into going down with her. I called my Mom before we went to see if she wanted to make it a girl's day out.

Lilly wanted someone to try these monkey bars so bad. So they both volunteered me. I got to the second one and fell off. Yeah, I have a lot to hold We also learn here that modest dresses and monkey bars just do not mix.

Hear is Doots and I.

This one is my favorite picture of her with my Mom. It turned out beautiful.

If you are wondering why this child is in the sweater again...well let me remind everyone of the infamous Elmo shirt. She wanted to wear it everyday. Well, this has become her favorite shirt and if it is clean/goes with the weather....pick your battles:)

Then we made a run for it to the truck since it was so cold! We ended the trip with a good ole coke and some little Debbies. We do not drink cokes that often or anything with now I am a little energetic. One can of coke and I can clean the whole

I have realized that I do not post much on things that I actually get through mail. So I will start to take more photos. When we got home Lilly begged to check the mail. She knows that we usually get something special. That's what is so fun about freebies. They are little blessings in the mail that brighten your day and it brightens your day even more when you don't have to spend So here is what I got today:

DVD "AIDS evolution of an epidemic"

DVD "The double life of RNA"

COUPON 10.00 off of a wide list of toothbrushes

COUPON 1.00 off of Tide

SAMPLE of Pantene


SAMPLE Prilosec

BOOK uncommon curiosity

BOOK HHMI Bulletin...I got three issues of this one.

POSTER on the evolution of AIDS

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