Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday ladies...I have some tips.

I decided to go ahead and post today. Usually my posts are done the night ahead and then scheduled to be published the following morning. After looking online yesterday and today for the best deals. I felt it may help some of you if I posted today:) I am going to attempt the sales on black Friday. My only dilemma is finding the things I would like to fit within my budget and if I should go out at 5AM. I did not realize that I could also shop for some of the black Friday deals online. Many companies are offering this to you. I have found walmart, target, and toys r us are all offering some offers online. The only draw back is shipping. If it is outrageous..are you really saving? With walmart that is a deal b/c their shipping is free to your local store. Now there are some deals that are just for in store only. So I would go to, click on the black Friday sales flyer, enter your zip code, what store location you will be using, and then browse through the items. Any you see that you know you will be purchasing you can click on and find out if it available in store only or online as well. If all your items fit within online. Well, then you have just saved yourself from having to go out at 5AM in the morning and possible bail money...if you have a bad temper:) I am really wanting to do all my shopping online. I also got the following off of another forum of what stores are offering on black Friday:

  • JCPenney -Free Mickey Mouse 2008 snow globe and $10 coupon for Saturday

  • Ikea -Free breakfast until 10:30Am -Friday through Sunday

  • Pep boys -free $10 GC -first 50 -5:30-7:30AM

  • Sam's Club -Free continental breakfast from 5-8 AM

Also I wanted to tell you about these at (now keep in mind you can not purchase any black Friday offer offered on walmart until the sales begin. Then you can start to purchase them. So no real extra benefit there.):

  • Samsung 10.2MP Digital Camera 69.00

  • 8" Portable DVD Player 49.00

  • Leap Frog Leapster Handheld Learning Game System 30.00

  • V.Smile Pocket Handheld Learning Game System 25.00

  • BARBIE JEEPS!!!!! 88.00!!!!!! My in-laws asked if they could get Lilly one of these this this will save them quite a bit. They are normally 219.00!!!!!!!!!!! They are available online!!!!!

  • Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker 20.00! This, besides the tricycle that's a no go, was next on Lilly's big gift list that she wanted. So Looks like I will be getting this one. There is also a consumer review on youtube here:

  • Aquadoodle Thomas Draw N' Doodle Mat 15.00

  • Pure Digital F230 30-Minute Digital Camcorder 79.00! This is the one that Barry has given the go ahead for. You can also take still photos with it. Since ours went out. We can also upload videos to youtube. So finally I can do some cooking on youtube and show off my Doots in full

Alright so that is all the tips and info I have. I wish everyone happy shopping and my prayers are with you if you decide to go into the stores. So how did our Thanksgiving go?? Well, it started off to a horrible start. I left the turkey on the counter along with the milk to defrost over night. We awoke this morning to half of our turkey being already ate and a whole gallon of milk on the floor. Yes our two cats, Mickey and Rodger-who are not allowed on counters/tables, got into the turkey. I did not even think about them doing such a thing!!!! So no turkey for us:( We were upset and disappointed. Not to mention mad about the money we spent on a luxury this time of year. This is not an every day kind of meal. So I defrosted a whole fryer we had. We had chicken, dressing, roasted red potatoes, and sweet potato pie. I could not help but to feel that all my hard work was gone with the turkey. I had stayed up until midnight last night cooking the pie and potatoes. At least the cats had something extra for So Barry is napping, Lilly is watching a cartoon and eating her sweet potato pie, and I was on here browsing around for deals. So I decided to take the post I had scheduled to post tomorrow...turn it into something helpful from all I have found out. We will be going to his parents house in a little while and we are all ready for some TURKEY!!! We also put our tree up today and getting some of the other decorations out. I will post pictures later. Our tree is really small. But, I'll get more into that later. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be careful on Black Friday!

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