Saturday, November 8, 2008

Angel food ministries.

I wanted to start the blog off with this link I know, probably, most of you already know about the Angel food ministries program. But, for those who do not...then here is some information. It's a food program that anyone can use and it is not based on your income. You pay a flat rate for a box of food and they have pick up areas all over. This month we finally decided to go for it and try it. Once a month you can order your food and it comes in once a month. So if you order enough for four weeks..then you will always be on schedule. I was looking Friday and one box contains enough food to feed a family of four for one week. You can also add extra meat boxes and fruit/veggie box. I think you would have to supplement into your budget for breakfast and lunch a little bit(in my opinion). So you can purchase 4 boxes(one for each week) for 120.00. A fruit/veggie box would be 21.00 and meat boxes run between 18.00 to 21.00. Each month the menu also changes. So here is this month's basic menu and the box is 30.00.

1.5 lb. New York Strip Steak (4 x 6 oz.)
3 lb. IQF Split ChickenBreast
2 lb. Baby Back Pork Ribs
2 lb. Chicken Chunks
28 oz. Jumbo Charbroiled Beef Patties with Gravy
1 lb. Smoked Sausage
1 lb. Ground Turkey
1 lb. Green Beans
1 lb. Diced Sweet Potatoes
10 oz. Peanut Butter
15 oz. Cranberry Sauce
7 oz. Beef-Flavored Rice & Vermicelli
20 oz. Shoestring Fries
32 oz. 2% Reduced Fat Shelf-Stable Milk
6 oz. Pancake Mix
One Dozen Eggs
One Dessert Item

Veggie/fruit box for 21.00:
3 lb. North Carolina New Crop Red Rome Apples
3 lb. Washington State New Crop Granny Smith Apples
4 lb. New Crop Florida Navel Orange
1 stalk California Celery (in sleeve)
4 lb. Premium Idaho Baking Potatoes
3 lb. New Crop North Carolina Sweet Potatoes
2 each Ruby Red Florida Grapefruit1 lb. Premium California Carrots (cello wrapped)
2 lb. Large-Medium Yellow Onions

Now with the regular box and the fruit/veggie box...there would not be much to replenish. So I think four boxes of the regular box and two fruit/veggie boxes would work for us a month and that would bring our grand total of groceries to 162.00 for the whole month. I also think you would be saving money by not visiting the store as well for those impulse buys and gas. Another thing with these boxes is they have nutrition in mind.

Now I the hillbilly housewife has a pretty awesome idea. She has the menus down and then helped create a menu plan to go with them. So if you are stumped for ideas of what to you go: . I assume the menu for this month's items will be up at the end of the month to use in the month of December. Think it over and then check to see if you have a program in your area...and when this month's deadline is. Ours is Monday. They are also offering thanksgiving boxes as well. But, after looking at it. I really think we could do that cheaper. If everything goes as planned and no one changes their mind, as we are known for around,, then I will post on how things go.

Oh, also take a look at the senior citizen box. Ten fully cooked prepared meals with all the nutrition you will need. Just heat and serve. This would be great for cooking just for two or someone who lives alone. Those boxes are 28.00. Just click on the menu page on the link I offered above for Angel ministries.

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