Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trip to the park and freebies for today.

Today I took my Dad to dialysis. So when he was not ready...we decided to take a trip to the park. Lilly had a blast and I really enjoyed the fresh air/sun for a change. She got to play with some other children. Then she was mad when I told her that we had to leave. She threw her shoe out the window of the van as we were leaving. I had to circle the block to go back and get them. The guy that was behind us saw everything and when I arrived back he was standing there with pink sparkle shoes..lol. All he said was "It's okay sug"...only in the south:) I apologized and felt really bad. B/c I was first so frazzled when she did it that I almost backed into him. I put the van in reverse without thinking...lol. Praise the Lord he looks out over people like me and others that just say "bless their heart" and help. My Dad felt really well after his treatment today and we have plans to go to the park together tomorrow. Lilly is excited. She is also excited about a pumpkin patch visit for Saturday. I will touch briefly on some things and hope to not offend anyone(not my intent). We do not celebrate Halloween. After much praying this year my husband decided that we could attend a fall festival and she could dress up. The festival is on a day other than Halloween and at a church. They will be doing cake walks, face painting, costume contests, and such. So this is her first trip to a pumpkin patch and first fall festival this year. We love fall and the colors. During fall we consider some passages from the Bible that tells us to use harvesting time as a time of thanks unto God. So I decorate every year from September to the end of November in fall colors. Let's face it I am a sunflower junkie and I can go crazy with them in the fall:) This pumpkin patch is right up from my parents. They have a corn maze, hay rides(which is also a tour of the farm), petting zoo, pumpkin patch(I thought maybe we could actually try making a pumpkin pie...instead of sweet potato pie with it), and fields of sunflowers!!! So now she is yelling "Punkins sat-ur-ay"..so she is excited. We have some dress up outfits that she wears like elmo, minnie mouse, dress up dresses, just assorted outfits from thrift stores, and a lion's outfit that I got for under 2.00 at a Fred's store closing. So we were thinking of letting her go to the fall festival as the lion off of Narnia...one of Barry's favorite book series. They are also giving candy away in the parking lot of the church. So I got her just a plain princess bag and we misplaced it(the first one I got was .10 at the store closing). So we had to buy another one. She doesn't watch Hanah Montana...but, knows of her from her older cousin. So she calls her Hantana..lol. Well, she seen the "Hantana" bag and that's her new bag. .50 is not a bad deal. So that is the excitement. The fall festival is in a couple of days. I am looking forward to the cake walk:) Also, funnel cakes or candy apples....okay mostly candy apples.

**Oh, my husband got me a issue of All you at wal-mart(he thought I might be in bed resting for the rest of the day...so he was sweet to get me something to read).They have a free sample in there of flushable towelettes and the coupons more than make up for what you pay for the magazine(if you use all the products in the magazine...take a flip through before you buy). There were some interesting articles in there to.***

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