Thursday, October 16, 2008

Amish banana nut bread.

***RE-EDITED VIDEO..PLEASE, RE-WATCH TO GET CORRECT RECIPE(I had the usual flour I use and number of loaves wrong)..SORRY GUYS!***

This is a recipe that I have been using from the Amish heritage cookbook by Beverly Lewis. The only thing I have changed is extra bananas...sometimes I use extra walnuts as well. This bread is so moist and we always heat ours before we eat it. I was very blessed to meet my favorite Author earlier this year at the book signing here locally at our Dove supply store. She signed this book for me. I love her series, Abram's daughters being one of my favorite, but this cookbook is my favorite of all of hers. So it was the one I took to the signing. I believe I put the picture on the side bar(can you tell how big of a fan or hers I am:) While on the subject of cookbooks. I love collecting Amish cookbooks. Another great series of two books is Cooking from quilt country by Marcia Adams. There are some wonderful photos, recipes, and interesting facts. Just like in the Amish heritage book. I will try to post some freebies this afternoon. Our electricity just came back on and now I am trying to finish up my two loaves of banana nut bread in the oven. That's why my video had no finished product. I think you will not regret a purchase of any of the cookbooks I have listed above. I suggest going to amazon, ebay, or Buy used library books from there. The two Marcia Adams books I got off of amazon for, I believe, 4.00 each. The Beverly Lewis book was a present from my dear husband from Walmart. Oh, the measuring cups and spoons, which are cutesy pink, were a present from my husband from last night's trip to Walmart. They were on clearance for 3.00 and when you buy some of the money goes towards breast cancer fund. I have been wanting the whole set for months now..just because it is pink:) So I finally got the spoon/cup. Now they go with my pink mixing spoons:) Other items were on sell too. So I may go back this weekend and see if they have come down or what all they have. We were in a hurry. The cups also have the measurement engraved into the cup. So no washing off and not knowing what cup it is. I will try to post some freebies tonight and will post a photo of the finished bread then.

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