Sunday, October 19, 2008

There may be no freebies tomorrow...sorry guys!

We tomorrow will be my HSG. I could really use some prayer for a painless procedure and this will be the Lord's will for this to help with us trying for another little one. I have had a lot of support from some ladies on a website I go to. My husband has taken off of work for the day to be with me and to watch our daughter during the procedure. It is not suppose to take very long.

So after the HSG I will go on another round of clomid. It will be our second round this year!

On the bright side of all of this is...I still am a Mommy to one very special little girl. The Lord made the impossible possible.

Depending on how I feel tomorrow after all of this...I may not post any freebies. I looked tonight and did not see any good ones. So depending on how I feel afterwards will equal if there will be any freebies posted. I've been told that there is little to no pain afterward. So we will see. I am hoping to be able to finish the day as usual.

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Molly said...

Hope you appointment went well and was free of much pain. Thanks for all the freebies that you do post - there are some fun ones.