Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random ramblings and freebies for today.

Today is just one of those days. Lilly-Rose woke up in a cranky mood and sick. I finally got her to drink some orange juice. All my attempts at whole food has been turned down. I even tried a chocolate chip cookie, we made some last night, and it was refused! Then I knew she was really sick:) Later she began to run a fever. So I finally got her to take her Motrin. After that I figured I would reschedule today's speech therapy class. We have been having some behavioral issues there and I knew she would be in no mood today. I got it set for next week. The Motrin did get rid of the fever and so now waiting to see if she will be okay for gymnastics this afternoon. She was also set for a overnight trip to her Poppa and Memaw's house. She was going to have her cousin spend the night too. She is upset that she will not get to go if she is still sick. She is starting to perk up now. So we will see what the day will unfold. Other than that what is new is ..In homeschooling she is up to counting to 20 now all by herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She does skip 15 sometime. Otherwise, I think that is pretty awesome. Numbers and the alphabet really seem to be her thing. I am also re-reading "An excellent wife" and find I can not put it down this go around. It's been a long time since I have read it. I really enjoyed looking up the Scripture that goes with it.
Here are some bonus Freebies for today:

Well, that's all the freebies I have time for today to look up and report. I will be making some banana nut bread tonight and will try to take photos as I go along or try to record it on my webcam. It's an Amish recipe I have been using for quite some time. It makes two loaves and is so moist. My bananas are really nice and ripe now to make it.

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