Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freebies for today.

  • Kraft diabetes products. You can sign up for a welcome kit here Says you will receive a welcome kit, newsletters, recipe cards, coupons, and much more through mail. This is great if you have gestational diabetes too. I ordered one kit for both of my parents...they both have diabetes and I had diabetes with my daughter. So nice to know for the future.

  • Free tote Make sure you leave a comment on one of their articles too. Says will arrive 8-10 wks.

  • Free nature's bounty tote bag 6-8 wks to arrive. Check your email for a coupon as well.

  • Free goody bag from slush puppies...remember those! They were so good! I have not seen a slush puppy machine in years. Click on fun stuff and join the club. Looks like page is under construction and will be back up soon. So keep a eye out.

  • Link to diet personality test Just for fun:)

  • Free Michael's 20% off coupon between Oct. 22-25 I love this place. I just never seem to have enough in the budget to actually buy something from there on a regular basis. Here they are the only place for cross-stitches. So I do buy those from there when I run out.

  • 1.00 coupon off of Glade fabric spray. They have them on sale at walmart for 2 for 5.00 here. I bought two bottles and I love the fresh lenon smell. Smells like dryer sheets. I think I have mentioned once on here that I am addicted to, this is a great product too. This may be a dilema next pay day.

  • New parents join pampers and get coupons I always got these on time. We did not use this brand. On diapers I suggest having a diaper shower if you are having a baby shower. I did not have to buy diapers for the first two months of her life. My church family was wonderful on this...they threw me a diaper shower after I asked if it was okay just to receive things that she would need..the essentials. Diapers, wipes, shampoos, nail clippers, wash cloths, things that would be in someone's budget, etc. I just had to buy shampoo a few months back and our daughter is 3!!! But, these coupons can come in handy with coupon trains to trade for some other coupons you use. I found this really handy with similac coupons I had come to me in the mail. I got a lot of great coupon trades with those. Also, parent's choice are EXCELLENT diapers and cloth is even better. You can make them if you are handy with a sewing machine or you can buy them on ebay, etsy, and such. I do not recommend the gerber diapers. I spent my diaper budget ALL on them and they were a horrible experience. I had to double up on them and they leaked something awful. I did buy the vinyl pants to go over them. So I just do not recommend gerber. No offense to anyone that loves them.

  • Quality health sign up for free samples When you sign up for the news letter you will get offers of 2 free samples per month. The survey process is a little long.

  • Free diaper baggie sample with SASE In my opinion a great diaper baggie is just walmart bags. They are free and you are re-using them. I use to use them for dirty diapers. I still use them as trash bags in our bath rooms and lunch bags from time to time for my husband.

That was all I seen today. If I get anymore tonight I will repost.

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