Saturday, October 11, 2008

In our Daughter's eyes. Please, take a moment to watch the video I made...

This is a movie I made for my Daughter. A few months ago I heard "In my Daughter's eyes" and it reminded me so much of her!!! I almost cried making this movie for her...sappy I know:) I hope when she is older she will really love much as I loved making it for her. I love her so much and praise the dear Lord daily for proving all the doctors wrong....her being here is all his will and doing. We can take no credit. If you knew Doots she is a ball of energy, great sense of humor, beautiful big blue eyes, and the kind of gal that loves to have fun. Whether, it be from cutting her own hair, putting hand soap in my dishwasher/starting it as well, picking all the keys off my laptop/still haven't replaced them, locking the cat in the deep freezer/yes he can now survive in Alaska if need be, and baking all her wonder pets figurines in the oven when I was making granola...they apparently were "hungee"..yes she lives life to the fullest. Here's to you Ms. Rose never lose that excitement and enjoyment you have for life. In my eyes.. I wish I could be more like my Daughter.

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