Saturday, October 4, 2008

Being debt free and yard sale finds.

  • I got this smocked dress for 1.00. They sell them for 60.00 here in our local store.
  • Swag was 2.00.
  • My real Coach purse for 15.00...practically new!!!! I looked online and it goes for 300 or 400!!!!!!!!! I may ebay it to make my money back and then some. That's why I splurged on it...I knew I could ebay it..shh...I am falling in love with A 300 diaper bag is all it would be to me though..not very practical and someone else could enjoy it.
  • Finally went to the Amish store. Had this for supper and it was very good.
  • Carousel time after yard selling. Doot's two favorite things: Carousel and her Daddy. The Lord blessed me with two beautiful Lovies:)
  • 2.00 for the set.
  • 2.00 total for both.
  • 10.00 for the was a splurge.
  • Doot's pride and joy. 10.00 for house, furniture, clothes, and car. She has told me "thank you Mama"... all day:)...melts my heart. That is also her snack...please, don't think our house stays that
  • 1.00 for Carter's outfit...I put pants under her skirt. It's a 4T and she may can wear it next year. My baby is tall for her age. So it's always a toss up when I buy larger to get more wear. Which is super easy with dresses.
  • Not pictured was 10 shirts I got for Barry for 1.00 each. All were Tommy Hilfinger, Ralph Lauren, and Nautica.

Normally I do not have this budget or spend so much on lavish things IE the purse or bench. It's been a very long time since I have been and my generous husband wanted to surprise and spoil me rotten with an extra budget. The Lord has blessed Barry with a good job for over ten years now, finally knowledge for our finances/budget, and our goal of being debt free...which means we have made some wonderful financial decisions to be able to do so. I really believe the best being selling our new van and buying two older vehicles outright. Did you know that this time last year we just had Barry's truck to drive? Then we prayed for another vechicle. We bought our van for 800.00...kid you not. The people just wanted it out of their driveway and to bless someone else. Which was us...the Lord led us to look in that lemon lot after church. It has NEVER left us beside the road and no major replacements...what a blessing solely from the Lord. Our goal is to be completely debt free one day. We will probably still have our mortgage...we are praying one day to buy land/single wide outright and be all the way debt free...except for utilities. By paying our bills off one by one we have come a long way. We have not always been this frugal and did acquire some credit card debt..which we have paid more than half off. We also have medical bills from our daughter's surgery(well during that time period..she has bladder issues. Just ask and I can explain it). By driving our van for over a year we have acquired quite a bit of money to buy a newer vehicle outright in Dec. So it is possible to fully be free of debt. Trust me guys we were just AWFUL with our finances many years ago and now reap the benefits of what the Lord placed on our heart. He had us make friends with a brother in church...who was our elder and completely debt free. So this is all the Lord's doing. So I am trying to say we can have splurges like this every once in a while and not worry financially due to the above. I really hope this doesn't make me sound's my intent to pass on what we were blessed to be taught. We are about the frugalist people you will meet. We don't even have caller id

Sorry for the pictures not being in very good order and jumping around. I have been up since 5 this morning:)

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