Sunday, October 12, 2008

Freebies for today...

Hope you enjoy the freebies for today. I know there are not a lot of them. I am enjoying the day today. Hubby is home with a tooth ache. He will be going to the dentist tomorrow to see about getting it filled. The weather outside is wonderful. It's cloudy and cool. I love this time of year. Living in the south I can do without the humidity:) So around this time every year I leave the a/c off, let up the windows, and turn on the ceiling fans. It airs out the house, saves on the electric bill, and Lilly loves looking out at the bugs/cars. We have some azalea bushes in front our windows in the living room. You can see really anything in them from lizards, bees, butterflies, and we have even seen a hummingbird! I hope everyone has a great beginning to their week.

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