Monday, October 20, 2008

Freebies and a word of thanks!

Those were all I found today! I wanted to thank you for those who prayed for us. Also wanted to give thanks for the kinds words left here and elsewhere. I really appreciate it. I actually felt quite right back to myself with a half hour to an hour after the procedure. Some cramping. Not at all what I expected. I actually expected a lot worse and that was not so! Everything went great and I had no blockages. I start my first dose of our second round of clomid tonight. I admit I did cry a little. It was emotional and nothing painful. I realized that this was our go. It will be my last round of clomid and there no other tests to be done that our insurance will cover. So that's it. It's always been in the hands of our dear Lord and there it will always remain. I could use some prayer on understanding. I have realized this past year that for me to be bitter, sad, or angry is a disgrace to our Lord. He made the impossible possible the day I was told I could not have children...he blessed us with our daughter. As in I Samuel he has and did give me my petition. When we prayed we prayed for a child...not children. So I don't feel I have the room to feel those feelings any longer. So we will just see where this goes and if it is the Lord's will for us to have no more children....Well, I am going to still praise him for that as well. I know there is a reason for his choices made in our lives. So thank you for the kind words and prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

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