Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just some added freebies for tonight.

These were the only other things I came up with tonight. If by some chance I go missing on her for a few's my computer. It's been on the fritz and I have tried re-booting it myself. I have lost everything. Including some pictures and DVDs I have made. So I never know when it will let me on. So I will put it in the shop eventually. So if I do not post for a few days that is why and I will be back on as soon as it is out of the shop. Just keep checking back. I am trying to hold off another week before having to put it in.


Sharon said...

I'm finally getting around to visiting you! :) You left a comment on my blog regarding the book, Tortured for Christ. Thank you for visiting and saying hello!

I really like your site and all the freebie links you post. Do you mind if I link to you?

Have a blessed weekend!

Scott's Gifts N Things said...

I like your site. I will recamend it on facebook.