Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is how I feel today. I seem to be at a loss for things to write or do for my blog. When I first set out on this journey of blogging my hopes were high. Then I decided to make a youtube vlog to coresspond with the blog. So now I have some extra time to devote to both. Here's where I seem to be having trouble:
  • I am unsure of what topics to tackle first.
  • I would love to try products out and give reviews. I just do not know where to start to do so.
  • I am lost when it comes to graphics. I would love to change my template on here to something vintage. I am not sure how to do it without losing all my current links and information I already have on here. I am lost when it comes to youtube as well. My audio does not seem to match up to the video.
  • I would also love to reach more readers and to check out other like minded Christian blogs to read.

Any suggestions?

So the above is why my vlog on youtube is not up. I will try again tomorrow. Do any of you know of any great youtube channels that are similar to what I talk about on here or that I am interested in? I love watching different shows that are helpful and would love to check them out.

Today was a relatively slow day. Lilly had her speech therapy class and her ballet/tap class. I found we will be paying 45.00 twice on costumes for her recital that she will not get to keep. I have found the class to be a fairly expensive endeavor. We invested close to 100.00 already on ballet shoes, tap shoes...that had to be tan only, and leotard. She got two uses out of her ballet shoes and they had to be replaced because she grew out of them. I ordered all online. I found a great I followed the sizing according to their chart. I ordered a 8 they sent a 9 and still barely fit. They charge a restocking fee. So I just kept them. I was going to sell them..but, the sentimental side got me. So I am keeping them in with her baby things. The most important thing is she loves the class!!! And dance is a wonderful hobby, skill, exercise, great interaction with other children, and discipline. I can not wait to see her in her recital. She also takes gymnastics. She really loves that class as well. Again all of the wonderful things above apply to this class as well. This week was pictures for the class. So I bought a small package for her first time and will see what they look like.

So pretty much this was all our consisted of and I was so happy to be able to relax this afternoon. Tomorrow will be a slow day and I plan to just focus on the house. Lilly and I plan on spending some time outside as well. I am also going to look at some new Amish arrivals at a local store that carries food and other items from Amish communities. This is exciting since I normally buy from another farm stand as far as jams, cheese, butter, and such. They do not carry soaps and things of that nature. So I look forward to seeing what this other place carries.

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