Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorry to be gone for so long....

Well, first off great news on Lilly the speech therapist does not think she is Autistic. So she will continue to go to speech once a week and we will take it from there. Just from her classes so far she seems to be opening up. So there is one Praise report. Please give prayer for my Dad as he is not doing to well and a cousin who was struck by lightening today..speedy recoveries for both.

I made an account at youtube. I hope to do some vlogs on frugal recipes. My screen name is . I also found on there and I think all you frugal Moms will really enjoy it. I have been wanting to do the walgreen and cvs saving shopping for a long time. Yesterday I watched their videos on youtube, went to the site, and sat down with my Sunday's paper. I really feel confident now on trying my first buys on Friday. So Lilly and I will make a day of it. Our lunch will also be free that day due to the next story.

So last week Lilly and I are in the kitchen jamming to our fave Christian station. At the end of song they are having a contest and need caller number nine. I heard it was for a gift certificate. So here I am elbow deep in flour, lard, and buttermilk...I am kneading my biscuit dough. I grab the phone. I am caller number one...then busy..then ringing..then caller number nine!!!!!!!!!!!!! I win a supper gift certificate and a stuffed cow from chickafila! Then to win I have to give my best cow impression saying eat more chicken and moo. I try and they tell me I have to do it again and start picking at me. I try again and this time let Lilly do the moo! They laugh at us and get all our info. I then call Barry and tell him we are going to be on the radio. His co-worker, who is very sweet, dug a radio out so they could listen. So there I am mooing on the radio, the station dj is laughing at me. Barry was excited we were on the radio. So I mooed for our whole city to hear today...Lilly realized she has a gift of the Lilly is excited about getting a stuffed cow, playing on the playground,, and we love it b/c it is much more frugal can you get? Everyone agreed..."ah, mooo"..does not qualify for a cow Lilly was too cute.."ma-ooooooooooo" she gave it her all!

Also, through Consumerqueen I learned of a program to win ipods. Basically this is how it works you sign up and get 200. You need 600 to receive a free one. You can earn points through friends signing up or by doing some sign ups of different free things. They are really free. I am weary on these things and do not want to spend ten minutes on filling out a survey only to find I need to spend money on some hidden fee. That is not frugal!!!!!!!!! You can also have chances to win an ipod through entering as well. You get an entry daily and then the rest are what ever coupons they have for you to sign up for or etc. Ladies on consumer queen have won through both ways. So if you decide to sign up please use me!! Here is my link:
I do not know if you will receive spam. As a rule of thumb, for me, I make a sep. email account for signing up for free stuff and keeping track of my reward type accounts.

Also you can visit consumerqueen through the handy dandy box on the right side. Let them know Imamombygrace sent you..that is my screen name on there.

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Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Hi, just reading about the ipod promotion. Very exciting. I hope you earn an ipod soon! I am on too. Love the site. I have a blog, it is couponprincessgoesblogging it is on blogspot. Have fun saving money and being frugal!