Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Sister hand picked by Christ.

I made this for my best friend from high school. Those are our girls at the bottom and yes that is us around 9th thought we were two cool chicks:) We have always been close. But, I think we are more close now than when we were in school. We are both Wives and Mothers now. We are also sisters in Christ and we have always considered our friendship was more
Sisters than friends. She is a encouragement and inspiration in my life. She is also the God-Mother and Aunt of my daughter. I in turn have three beautiful Nieces. I hope that our girls will grow to be as close as we have always been. I look forward to every week when she calls me. We can easily stay on the phone for over two hours. We do our chores, catch up on our family, vent, ask advice, talk about the Lord, ask each other for prayer for ourselves/others, and LAUGH. Sometimes my stomach pure aches when I get off the phone with her from laughing sooo much! I think it's great to have someone so close to you. My best friends are as follow and in order: Lord, Barry, Lilly-Rose, and Leisa. She will always hold a special place in my heart. She is also very special. Some do not get to pick who their family will be in life. The Lord blessed me..I got to pick my Sister. Now she is just stuck with We already have planned it out and when it's time our children will put us in the same home together. So if you here of some trouble going down at Shady acres it will be So love ya Leisa!

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