Sunday, September 21, 2008

Share the harvest.

I love this time of year...fall. I love the weather and color in nature. It is also when most of our fairs come to town. So I usually start decorating in Sept. and take everything down at the end of November. So everything I have up will go til Nov. While we do not celebrate Halloween, due to religious beliefs, we still enjoy decorating for fall in general. So here is our mantel.


These are pictures of outside. I actually bought these little dog planters five years ago. All the items I used to make the decorations were purchased at the dollar tree and came out to 2.25 for each planter. The little door decoration was a thrift store find for 1.00. It had some pumpkins on it that were pealing and Styrofoam was showing really bad. So I just clipped those off.

I really love fall decorating since yellow and orange is used. You can also find a lot of stuff with sunflowers on it as well. Which is my favorite flower.

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