Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Husband is not just my best friend. He is also a blessing from the Lord!!

I was on a Mom's site earlier and the topic of journals for the day was "What do you find romantic?" So I decided to post my journal on here. Hope you like it. I have edited it for length purposes.

Barry can be so romantic. From the little calls at work to "just check on me" to brushing my hair while I read my favorite magazine..that he picked up b/c I was having a bad day. He will also bring me flowers for no reason. He knows I love to use them as center pieces. Actually, flowers are special with us. When we were dating our first "real"date, where he came to meet "The Daddy" for approval he brought me flowers(We met for lunch the day before to meet). It just so happens I got him flowers too. He was shocked and genuinely flattered that a girl would get a guy flowers. I was the first person to ever give him flowers. I remember we saw each other every day,literally, and every time he saw me he had flowers for me. At first I loved them and then I had no room for them. So one day I had the task of coming clean with him and to ask him...PLEASE! No more flowers! I told him they were all dying on me and I hate to think of all the money he is losing on the flowers to me. So I did it nicely. On this day I was not feeling well and we were watching movies at his house. He left to go get me some medicine from wal-mart. Well when he got back, he said he had a present to make me feel better and it solved both of our problems. He searched through the garden dept and found a metal rose. He said it would never die on me and he would never have to buy me another one. It would last forever. Then I added..."or until it rusts"... which he found hilarious. I told him that was the sweetest and romantic things anyone has ever done for me. I still have it and he also helped in giving me a real live Rose too:) There are too many other things to list. He has always been good in the romantic dept. I would have to say a recent thing would be when he gave me my new wedding set. That was pretty awesome and VERY unexpected! Also on Lilly's first Christmas he bought me an engraved heart shaped pendent from wal-mart with her face engraved on it. He took my favorite picture of her and had it made. He had the biggest smile and was so proud of that gift. We didn't have a lot that Christmas. We pretty much had spent it all on Lilly-Rose. But, he made sure I had a surprise that Christmas. All I had was a poem and card I made for him. Which you would have thought was a million dollars. He is always so appreciative of no matter what I give to him as a present. Barry is not much on poems and handmade items. But, he did give me a book of poems when we were dating and he wrote me the sweetest letter, his first try at one, about a year ago. So when I think of romantic...I think of the blessing the good Lord gave to husband.

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