Saturday, September 20, 2008

My arms were full today...a good kind of full.

My arms looked just like this today when coming out of the local thrift store. Barry spoiled me rotten today and surprised me with 35.00 for a budget today for the thrift store(I have not had that much in a long time. For us frugal gals that is equal to, rough estimate, about 100.00 on the thrift store!!! I was originally setting out to find me some shirts. But, there were so many great deals on kids clothes..I could not resist. Lilly-Rose has either grown out of some recent clothes purchases or has got something on them that will not come out. I do have play clothes for her. Just seems like if there is something that can make her dirty she can find it. She reminds me a lot like me when I was a little one. I was such a tom boy and always into something. The more of a mess I made the better I liked it:) So my trip was lonely. It was only me. This week our a/c has been acting up. So we purchased ceiling fans and decided we may just wait til next year to get it fully fixed. It would save on the light bill and it's now getting cool here. Then my wonderful father in law had just the idea of how to fix it. It did work!! Praise the Lord! Since we have been adjusting to the temperature in our house without the a/c we have decided not to run it at night and try to leave the windows up during the day or keeping it above 75. I did this last year around this time and we saved about 40.00 a month! So we bought two ceiling fans for the dining and bedroom. We already have one in the living room and Lilly-Rose's room. Well, when we bought this house almost four years ago we have been finding "surprises" from the previous owner everywhere! Some things we have to scratch our heads at. Well the dining room could not hold the fan. The original fixture was wobbly and nothing to brace it. After Barry got up in the attic we realized this. However, he did discover they had a ceiling fan before in our bedroom. So we took one fan back and Barry put the other up. It looks wonderful and circulates the air so great. So when I decided to make the trip to the thrift store today Lilly-Rose wanted to stay behind to help. They were so cute together. He has his tools and she had hers. He had his ladder and I gave her my kitchen step ladder. Tomorrow we are also getting the 2x4s I need to put my clothes line back up. Some how Lilly managed to rip one side out of the wall on our porch. Our old neighbors had dogs that would come in our yard. So we decided just to put the line on our back porch..which is screened. It would take quite a bit of time to dry a load. With it being out in the sun now. I am hoping to get two loads at once done. My quilts really need a good washing and I just refuse to use the dryer on them. It takes so long for them to dry...Our dryer is really old and just not as good as it use to be. So here is the run down of what I got at the thrift store for 35.00:
Not pictured below
  • 3 pairs of children's tights.
  • Clifford book.
  • Hand puzzle for has numbers and teaches right from left. It's also made out of wood.
  • Spongebob sleeping bag in great condition and she can take to her grandparents house for sleepovers. This was a wonderful deal as it was practically brand new.

Pictured below

  • Pair of women's shoes.
  • 2 Christian books for me:)
  • 3 Children's dresses.
  • 4 Children's shirts.
  • 1 Children's denim skirt.
  • 3 Adult shirts for me.
  • 4 Pairs of socks for me.
  • 1 Pair of pants to go under dresses and skirts for really cold days for Lilly.
Of course, as usual, there was nothing for Barry in the men's dept. Why is that? I don't think I left anything out. What I do is usually buy a year ahead for Lilly. I then put turtle necks, leggings, tights, or pants underneath for added layers. But, found that some of the ones I bought earlier from someone online..will not have room for layering. So I figure on days around the house just a skirt and these cute little shirts will work. I think my cutting down to just seven outfits for us all have gone out the window:) Well maybe just on Lilly's they are just too cute to resist. So this is the last splurge for clothes til next year. Though I do plan on buying me a jean skirt this year. The ones I have now are really worn. I wear them on a daily basis. So I can wear them out fast. I usually buy them used. I have been looking for months and no one ever donates one:( Maybe I need to read "Living more with less" again for some wonderful inspiration.

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