Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to make a scrapblog...

So here is a pretty neat site... http://www.scrapblog.com/

Here are some pages(two bottom ones) I have gotten around to doing a little while ago. You can save them to your computer and print them out. I loved that option. It's also a great frugal gift and can be framed. So far both set of grandparents have loved the above pages. My Mom has let me borrow all of our family photos for scanning to the computer. Look at this old one on the very top...yep, that's me as a baby. My Dad holding me up and that is my Brother beside. The other is my Mom when she was pregnant with me.


BigDadGib said...

great looking site and I love the photographs.

Homemaker Highlights said...

TY so much! I spent some time last night trying to get stuff situated on here. I see you are a OTR...I'm a trucker's daughter and come from a line of them. I have high respect for truck drivers they sacrifice a lot.