Friday, August 15, 2008

Lilly's doctor appt.

We just got out not too long ago and had lunch...treated her to Mcdonalds. Her pediatrician feels she definately needs speech therapy. She gets her class schedule next week and will go to a regular school for it. He feels that she may either having hearing issues(which he has set her with a audiologist as well) or a mild form of Autism. He thinks it may be Asperger's. Basically, we are left like every other appt. They just do not know. So he wants to start with the hearing tests first..he feels she needs the booth test b/c of sensory issues and speech classes...again. There is a six month waiting list for the autism doctor. He felt good as she can make eye contact...but, he did notice she had hand flapping in the office....then with all her other things going on...speech, meltdowns, etc. So he said if she does have autism it is a mild form. So that's all we know right now. Being this has come about we may put the adoption plans on hold. One of the case workers(with the post adoptions connections) I talked with told me that her bladder issues and if she has autism my decrease our chances of getting approved...they have to see where our time is being divided. So please say a prayer for her. He said it could be either and her hyperactivity can be caused by either as well...he said that if children have hearing issues they are hyperactive and some autistic children are hyperactive too. So who knows...Doots is Doots regardless:) At least she is healthy and she is a very happy child. There are a lot of parents out there that do not have that for their children or even a child. He feels confident that once she is able to communicate better her aggressiveness will be a lot better. I don't know I have never noticed any problems with her hearing..but, I am not a doctor. I also worry about these speech that covered by the state? If it is not at the hospital dh works I don't know if our insurance will cover the cost. They said she would go to a public school for it b/c of her age. Can someone explain what goes on in class and success stories if your little one has been through this?

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Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Okay, my son has been in speech since he was 3, it was paid through the state in a public school setting, he was put on an IEP. Could not tell how old your daughter was.. i need to read more. I do have experience with autistic children, I was a spec. ed teacher for a year with them. Good luck to you, my prayers are with you.