Saturday, May 31, 2008

New obsession.

So I love collecting plates of all kinds. Last year my husband got me this ceramic type set off of of QVC. It is blue and has quite a many pieces with it. Including these wicker baskets to carry pans to the table without burning yourself. I love that my husband is thoughtful and respects me as a practical person. This particular day I was scrolling through channels and there they were. I was having a women's devotional supper coming up and was really nervous about doing my devotional in front of everyone and I love to entertain..I tend to over do things and want to really spoil our guests. So he happends to call from work and I tell him of this wonderful set I saw. He asked how much it was..which it was on sale and flex pay. Out of the blue he says go ahead and get it. I was so excited and still love the set to this day. Though, we accidentally broke one of the bigger baking dishes. So my obsession with dishes usually goes for blue ones or blue detail. Then I was looking on Ebay...yes a horrible place to do dream shopping...I seen these cute butter-print vintage pyrex dishes. Now I am hooked. I just found a lot of five for considering what they are going for. It's my late mother's day present. So I hope I get them. Bidding stops today. So far so good. DH just called and said I could find a nice butter dish to match. I can't wait to get them. They will go great with our dishes. I like to go all out on supper. I am big on family suppers. It was something that I did not have as a child. T.V. goes off and no phone answering. It's time for saying Blessing together and enjoy each others company. My husband loves this time of day. It's time he can unwind and we can joke and enjoy each other's fellowship. Recently I was tired of all our glasses breaking. I found the most wonderful glasses with blue hearts on them for .10 each at the thrift a set of eight. I really loved them...but, apparently was not dish washer safe. They all cracked. So now all of our glasses are old mason jars. They are big enough for hardly any refills and very sturdy. They hold up great to a wash in the dishwasher..big enough I can clean really great on the inside..and if they happen to fall they hold up pretty well. Now that our peaches and apples are coming in...this may pose a problem since I will need them for canning. I got two cases for free last year on freecycle and this year I have been finding them for .25 each. I also found these cute miny ones for DD. They are very easy for her to grip and she loves having a cup like ours. So my new collecting will be the butter-print pyrex's. Which is good sense DD decided to stick a ruler in the inside door of my china cabinet. It was poorly made to begin with. Well she moved it up and down...before I could get to her I watched my three shelves collapse on on another. Which ruined my 1898 tea cup set. The cup is fine..but, saucer is a loss. She also got a piece off another set that was from 1920. Needless, to say I was heartbroken. But, as the old saying goes...there are many material things...but, only one Lilly-Rose.
This week I found and I LOVE IT! I have gotten so many cool ideas off the site. She seems like a wonderful person. So here sites have been added to my favorites. I also love that she is a fellow tea lover and frugal. We are definately a frugal family here. We do splurges every once in a my dishes or a new dvd for week we are getting DD a trampoline for her birthday. But, it's not often that we do these things. Like right now our van has no a/c we found out it will cost more to fix than what we paid. So we will just put some savings in with the stimulas check and buy another van outright. We will just have to suffer it out til next month. But, well worth it. We just really hate car payments and have learned from past mistakes. I still keep my grocery bill under 80.00 every two weeks and so forth. I think we have finally learned the meaning of moderation. We are a thrift store loving family as well and that is where all our clothes come from. But, we find some really nice stuff. It's a little hard sometimes being modest and finding modest clothing. Well, that's it. I hope I can build my blog up more like others I see with pics and other links to places. Right now having another post is doing pretty great.

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Tammy said...

Awww, thank you for your kind words! :) It's always a little strange to read something about myself written in third person... I feel a little like I'm eavesdropping. ;)

Have a blessed week! :)